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re-imagine the world.

We are here to consult with you and act on your behalf to guide you through the transformation process of becoming optimized for the digital economy. Digitalization requires strategy and Augmented Consulting is a strategic think-tank for the purpose of advancing your progress into the Digital Economy, contributing significantly to your profitability and sustainability in the Digital Age. Our core competences in Strategic Thinking, Business Analysis/Planning, Planning and Execution, Management, Marketing, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Operations will allow us to properly advise you how to successfully weather any economic storm.



Augmented Consulting provides the following services:

1.Strategic Planning Skills: Development of sustainable Strategic Plans, Business Plans, initiatives, programmes and projects for Business incubation, growth and development: Management, Operations, Marketing, ICT and ICT enabled Services (ICTeS). Our targeted growth rate is exponential.

2. Strategic Influencer Marketing : Augmented Consulting can help you develop and market your ideas and concepts to decision makers.

3. Organizational Development: Assessment, goal setting and operational planning to add value to your organization.

4. Analysis  To Design : Augmented Consulting™ will pursue a strategy of analysis  for insight in developing your solutions in Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation

5. Coaching & Mentoring : Through this service, your organization will be Augmented to produce highly efficient people, systems and processes to achieve organizational goals at all levels. From the Boardroom to Operations, create a team of committed, dedicated, service driven people aligned to the strategic objectives of the organization.

6. Strategic ICTeS Thinking and Planning: Conceptualization and design of initiatives, programmes and projects in pursuit of strategic objectives.

7. ICT Infrastructure: Design and implementation of your organization’s infrastructure.

8. Audit and Assurance:

  • Obtain an objective analysis of ICT infrastructure within the enterprise
  • Analyze vulnerabilities and threats  from both internal and external sources.
  • Gap Analysis for determining strategies to achieve Industry Best Practise.


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