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Augmented Business Services

Focus on what you do best…outsource the rest!

Augmented Business supercharges your business processes by executing digital strategies enabling you with efficient and effective operations. We will focus on your business processes to significantly reduce your costs and position your business to take full advantages of the Digital Age.

Through a strategic approach, we will develop an understanding of your business and create an ecosystem that will ensure growth and sustainability.

This approach will identify opportunities in the “global environment”.  ABdC can do this through business process outsourcing.

Business Process Outsourcing 

Business Process Outsourcing provides high value for businesses of all sizes. In today’s age of access anywhere, anytime, the business can easily focus all its attention on its core business.

Outsource functions of :

~Cut your costs Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Support Services In

  • Cloud Computing : Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Services, Microsoft Cloud Design and Implementation
  • ICT Security : Developing, Monitoring and Evaluation of ICT Security Architecture including Cisco Security Platforms,
  • Communications Platform : Cisco Routing and Switching, Cisco IPT, Design and Implementation
  • Service and Support :  Desktop Applications, PC, and Data Centre support including Server, Switching and Routing, IP Telephony,
  • Evaluate and Enhance : Augmented will evaluate your Architecture and systems for best practices and make recommendations for their improvements

– Project Management : Our vast experience and technical expertise will be brought to bear in conceptualizing, planning and executing any type of ICT project. Our Agile PM methodology is most appropriate for today’s incessant and rapid growth in technology.

~Digital Marketing Strategy

All to be performed by service providers in these areas. It is difficult and very costly to have and manage these functions. In most cases, these costs are halved through business process outsourcing.


Some of the business processes you can outsource to ABdC:

1. Management: Augmented will provide the management skills your organization need and does not possess or is too costly to acquire. Augmented will provide you with high-level expertise at the CEO or Executive Management level necessary for sustainable growth and development.


2. HR: Your business needs to source the best people for the organization. Hiring the right people for your business can be very challenging. Defining roles and responsibilities for filling a need is an approach that will enable your organization to perform. We will Augment and develop your Human Capital. ABdC will also develop your processes for effectively managing your employees from an administrative and productivity (Time and Attendance) leveraging digital technology.


3. Online Marketing: Maximize your resources by adopting an Augmented approach. We will take care of all your marketing needs and create the most appropriate online presence your business needs in this age of digital technology.



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