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About Us

Strategic Thinking For Sustainable Competitive Advantage In The Digital Age

The Augmented Business Digital Consulting Group™ is the trademark of Augmented Business Digital Consultants Limited (ABdC), a company registered in Trinidad and Tobago. ABdC is a service provider in digital transformation and technologies for  business and society.


To be the leader in technological innovation, improving the quality of life for all, and creating transformation in the region and beyond.


  • To design, implement and maintain Digital Age technological platforms, strategically aimed at business and society.
  • To develop people to infuse and advocate positive societal advancement, professionally and personally, transforming business for the Fourth Industrial Age.


The Digital Age or The Fourth Industrial Age, as the World Economic Forum (WEF 2016) identifies it, will disrupt every process in business and society. It is the era of the mobile device where we now expect and demand access anywhere, at anytime, to anything. Digital age technology moves the world to the Internet of Things, automation, artificial intelligence and robotics in all aspects of business and personal life. ABdC will facilitate the transition into this new world of business.

A strategic approach is required for this transition to today’s digital age technology which drives business and creates high value. Technology and in particular, online platforms, now operate as a value creator and not a cost centre. For many organizations, it is a great challenge to find the right technology to implement.

To do so, you need expert advice, knowledge and execution skills which ABdC can provide. Our extensive background in Business, Strategic Planning, and Information Technology, enables us to transform your organization, strategically.

Strategy drives transformation.

Augmented’s model involves innovation and creativity, understanding your ecosystem, executed through the following divisions:



Augmented Business will manage your business processes.

Augmented Consulting will collaborate with you to strategically develop a sustainable competitive advantage.

Augmented Digital will provide all your technological needs for the global Digital Economy.


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