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There’s Always Hope : Falcon9 Heavy

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Only he who has seen better days and lives to see better days again knows their full value.” – Notebook, 1902, Mark Twain.”

Every new new year is an expectation, for betterment in life in all aspects of this existence, physically and spiritually. I always find a tinge of excitement in the unknown, thinking about the future of this planet, living in a technology driven environment, attempting yet unknown adventures in career, personal growth development, doing all the good things benevolent to myself and others, living healthy and…wealthy. The anticipation never fails creating that excitement. Of course the unknown will present challenges but that adds to the intrigue of this notion of utopia created in my mind. Despite all the negatives in this world of dualities, it’s just a sense of anticipation and excitement fo the future that never fails at the start of the new year that is energizing and invigorating. There is always hope of good things happening.

Falcon 9 Heavy is a project to launch humankind to Mars. It is the development of a re-usable rocket to propel a craft into a trajectory to land on Mars, and colonize it.

The notion of man’s ability to space travel to Mars has long been a dream and inspirational vision, driving many an invention or innovation. The scale of thought needed demands far, far deep horizon strategic thinking to create this future. The resources to meet the requirement proceed way beyond even the unknown and the ability to fill enormous gaps in technology for travel, food and housing providing all that is required to survive in an unknown environment.

Falcon 9 Heavy is the representation of the fact that there are great opportunities for mankind, even if the world today is slowly descending into a nadir. Hope, it brings. Romanticism? Perhaps.

But the reality of massive amounts of waste generated right here in a finite world is a constant reminder, an existential threat to life itself on this planet, much less survive in deep space. The oceans are being polluted by all kinds of discards from human activity. Plastics, invade the oceans harming marine life and environment to such an extent where there are huge amalgams of floating plastic waste. Marine life ingest these substances with solely negative effects, killing off and threatening species of life critical to the food chain. In this chain, humans are a threat to themselves.

The downward spiral has reasonably led many to conclude that life on earth is limited in this continuum of a seemingly self-destructive path. Some persons honestly believe that life on Earth will become unsustainable.

Elon Musk is one who believes this to be true. Enter SpaceX and Falcon 9 Heavy.

Elon Musk is the quintessential entrepreneur who identifies the needs of people in the context of visionary leadership and innovations to help mankind. To be certain, he defines entrepreneurship in the true sense of Shumpeter, a solver of mankind’s problems, one who pushes the boundaries outwards.

From Testla to SpaceX, Musk has sought to create great alternatives and many opportunities. Musk seemingly endless determination to make the electric car a reality is hugely impressive as it evokes consternation from the traditional, fuel propelled car manufacturers.

Testla has endured tremendously and admirably. It still has to battle, to fight for its survival in the face of it rivals. It is doing a good job so far.

But being an entrepreneur of this ilk, also appear to contradict actually contributing to humankind’s benefit. Are Musk’s actions solving our problems, or simply exacerbating these?

The vast amounts of financial resources being made available to Musk, begs the question of whether tangible efforts could be pursued as alternatives to the problems which the globe now faces. Couldn’t the problems of plastic waste have been better served in finding sustainable alternatives in recycling and biodegradable products for packaging, for example?

The problem of plastics are many but traceable, intractably, to fossil exploitation on the planet. It is a petrochemical by-product of oil. That in itself can say a lot, but truly what it means is that we have the capacity to solve the planet’s issues, without having to leave this place. Resources can be made available to solve the planet’s environmental problems, if the effort is so directed. Recycling along with research and development to create new products that enhance the environment can be had, to great effect.

Looking inwards can provide us with a great deal of solutions. Solutions, while plentiful, are not easily implemented though, especially if these are counter to power structures. But that is not the issue, and certainly not mine’s to solve. Suffice it to say, there seems to be much emphasis being placed on things that are not pertinent.

Critical analysis of the facts emerge many arguments in the idea of life on another planet, and Falcon 9 Heavy. It is an exciting prospect for science and technology, and judging from the reaction of SpaceX employees, it’s more than just a job. They are into it, which gives them hope and prospects for a brighter future. It will be exciting and fulfilling to any young scientists or technologist to design and construct a spacecraft capable of reaching the outer limits, the final frontier as it were.

The sight of seeing re-usable rockets tanks smoothly landing without crashing is Trek-like in nature. It completely overwhelms and no wonder the employers erupted in sheer delight to see this beautiful landing. A sight to behold, really.

The fact that this project will cost huge amounts in fossil fuel cost, though, is cause for major concern. There is a supply of fuel from fossil on earth and that drives oil consumption, but is there a supply on Mars, and how will that be extracted, and if so, the problems we face here on earth will simply be transported, unless some form of sustainable, clean energy is found.

The problems of climate change and in particular, heating of the planet, is traceable to fossil fuel. Would not the resources being pumped into this venture be better used in the development of sustainable energy? Electric cars, fuel propelled rockets, all add to the demand for fossil fuels, leading to more environmental problems. Not many of us will be able to re-locate to Mars, and so it is a real issue for the masses of people who inhabit this place. In that, lies opportunities for devolving or regenerating a world that is capable of self healing, and that is the hope and opportunity for the new year.

The future lies in the developing of new, clean energy, driving technology, sustaining life in ways that are possible.

Falcon 9 Heavy, evokes new hope and opportunity for the vast majority of people seeking a better life.

2019, A Year of Hope!

A Happy & Healthy 2019 to All.

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