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How Technology is Creating The Golden Age of the Future

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Is it possible to create a society in the context of today’s environment of Sans Humanite, “man’s inhumanity to man.”? This may not be easily discernible, but admittedly, there is a possibility, notwithstanding how minuscule that might be. But regardless of this remoteness, there is a possibility. There is always hope and so long as that is so, its worth exploring. Digital Age Technology is changing our world rapidly and relentlessly and certainly, technology is a powerful tool,but there are great barriers to overcome. This technology offers a pathway, all pervasive and engaging, towards a utopia. The trends suggest a movement towards a new paradigm, a new happier world, a new way of thinking, a new way of living, and I suggest, that is worth some thought.

The phenomenal rate of advancement in digital technology in the world today is a culmination of many ages of invention, innovation and immersion of mind body and soul to the cause of a better world. All blended to emerge a period in time where actions are performed at the speed of thought, the trajectory of the technological advancement is carrying it to a state of response through thought command. Powered by clean energy and controlled by a higher level ethics and morality framework of peace, cooperativeness, and deep respect for all, the Digital Age is poised, ready and already disrupting.

The essence and genesis of an utopian world moving in a direction of zero tolerance, disrupting illicit systems and structures is a way of living values and respect for other people. There will be resistance as this technology confronts and conflicts with systems that promulgate power structures, and the acquisition of wealth at the expense of others, regardless of the consequences.

But when an unstoppable force collides with an immovable object, destruction occurs. As the technology collides with the entrenched power structures , the fallout will be the breaking down of one or the other. Blockchain challenges the socio-cultural environment to shift to greater accountability and transparency. The world is already witnessing how technology can destroy cheating and inculcate good values. Case in point, the recent shaming of the Australian Cricket Team who were caught cheating will images are being beamed in Realtime throughout the globe.

Already, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on a pathway of experiencing tremendous developments in machine learning especially robotics, 3D Printing, neural networks. Great efficiency and effectiveness in reducing waste to the barest minimum are these technologies the likes of which Fredrick Taylor and the Hawthorne experiments could only dream of. But the real power of AI is its ability to calibrate and re-calibrate itself into highly accurate expert systems flexible and robust enough to manage every foreseeable occurrence even outside of the closed loop systems of engineering, and with the ability to “think” its way through problems and create its own solutions.

Powering such Realtime expert systems will require tremendous firing power, which cannot be handled by the on/off state of binary operated bits. Processing power are being exponentially expanded, and even those existing ultra powerful processors are and still experiences a wait state while bits are turned on or off to process the signal. To power the AI necessary for zero wait state, will require a new paradigm. Data will be required to be teleported to enable the most efficient computational model of zero wait state.

Quantum Computing, then is being currently developed at MIT and IBM and will provide the computing power required to accomplish these things in the future state.

The continuing, relentless march of ambient energy in solar, wind and wave is creating an environment of sustainability previously unheralded.

Technology is at advanced stages and proceeding at a rapid rate, bringing thought controlled technology closer to reality.

The Golden Age

It is clear, the unstoppable force of technology will create a new environment of existence. The Golden Age, can be referred to as a time period of great peace, benevolence and cooperation, when everything is in balance with nature and people. A utopia, if you will, where everything works in full cooperation for the benefit of all in a world of thought power. That, might be a very far-fetched notion, in the context of today’s world of which promotes the acquisition and accumulation of wealth and power.

But is it really? Is it Far-fetched and utopian?

In today’s world, the advent of driverless cars, the hyper-loop, drones are set to overcome barriers of traffic jams and pollution. Clean energy from solar, wind and sea are taking hold, all on a trajectory to replace fossil fuel energy and massive pollution. A new global environment is being shaped minute by minute.

Artificial intelligence is taking control in every aspect of our daily lives. Transport, medicine, education, food and manufacturing (3D Printing) are all beginning to disrupt traditional means. Clothes can be 3D printed, food, cars, houses, limbs and organs. Exoskeleton Technology will give supernatural strength and power to people and assist greatly in providing flexibility to those who are restricted physically. Ambient energy can be harnessed and augmented reality makes work and play safer, more enjoyable and less stressful.

But to accomplish this new age requires great computational power to process the vast amount of data, Algorithms and code.

Quantum computing will provide the ability to accomplish “utopia.” It utilizes “qubits ” which will be in a constant state of readiness, as opposed to binary where bits have to be turned either on or off. The speed of processing will be so powerful where the size of the AI doesn’t matter any more.

Zero wait state as signals will no longer be processed using “cut-through” methods of batch processing, but will now be teleported into information using bits that exists in both an on/off state at the same time.

The trajectory is clear and visible. The world is moving to a point where the technology will disrupt even the vice full inequities of humankind. Digital technology is capable of disrupting cheating, fraud, corruption and other ills of societal existence. Blockchain is a powerful platform but It will cause consternation amongst the existing power structure. Conflict is inevitable as it comes face to face with vested interest. The technology is fast and swift and can reduce times of detection to mere minutes (see last blogpost dated 1st April, 2018). The trajectory is clear: the technology of the Golden Age is being created as of now.

So where do we go from here? Assuming the Golden Age theory is true, and that it will be created, What next?

The disruption of social ills such as corruption, crime, violence then ã la Minority Report, might not be far-fetched after all. Can these ills be predicted by Artificial Intelligence to be used to create this utopia? The indications are that AI will and can be used to improve our lives in every aspect when used ethically and morally. But that’s a whole new chapter to be written. When used as tools for undesirable outcomes it’s a different story too. Certainly, there will be those who will use it with ulterior motives. They are likely to create great havoc, even start wars, even decimate life as we know it, and certainly those opposed to it because it threatens power structures will wage battle to try to prevent its use. The ones who are visionary will adapt, not die.

But isn’t that the essence of this trajectory? To disrupt to the point of complete elimination of traditional ways to make way for the new, better world, even as an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. The new requires the old to be replaced at some point in time. That seems to be the essence of change, isn’t it?

The real promise of the 4th Industrial Age, Industry 4.0, The Digital Age is to create a life worth enjoying, with more leisure, generating happiness and defining a better world. Utopian? Not just Perhaps, but Real!


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