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How to achieve digital transformation

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Many organizations are straddled with the high cost of operations in all fundamentals, furiously seeking to minimize inefficiencies to increase margins. Linear growth business models employs expansionists strategies of M&A, multi-nationalistic location, and other socio-economic structures to achieve financial value for stakeholder and shareholders. For large organizations it’s relatively easy to achieve this, given their network of relationships and access to huge amount of resources. For the small entrepreneur, this model can be excruciating long and painful to achieve enough growth to expand. The question, then, for both large and small, is how to achieve growth and development that is fast, and sustainable.

In today’s hyper active researched, resourced, and robust knowledge-driven world, there are many views and opinions formed on the basis of studies by luminaries from high level, global strategic think tanks. The approaches and insights, though, all acknowledge a new global economic order capable and real, of disrupting traditional production and delivery of goods and services, far more efficient than previously achieved. 

The accessing of this global economy, requires a carefully thoughtout approach to understand and  comprehend this new  economy and how it works.

A strategic approach, vision driven and structured to analyze properly the competitive nature of the organization, it’s environment, and all the competing forces influencing this environment, whilst also engaging in deep horizon scanning for new and emerging, disruptive technology.

The organization must engage in a britally honest self examination to unearth new directions capable of providing exponential growth, as opposed to linear growth. Strategic thinking, planning and execution is a must for capturing this growth and development.  A vision driven strategic plan to provide a roadmap into the digital economy is needed.

Augmented Business Digital Consultants ltd, was formed specifically for growing and developing your organization in this new global order.

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