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Why Bitcoin is the new gold – Business Insider

The underlying technology, blockchain, together with the digital currency, is fast becoming mature and will soon disrupt the traditional global financial systems. Wall Street has invested greatly in developing this technology in an effort to gain control of it before it takes over. Here in Trinidad and Tobago, it will be an alternative. It is however a threat to the legacy banking systems and that will be the problem.

Accenture: Blockchain could save top 10 investment banks up to $8BN a year – Business Insider

Digital Aged technology

Natarajan Chandrasekaran: Who is new Tata Group chairman? – BBC News

Interesting because Chandra is an IT man! There are also some interesting sub-plots as he comes from a different background!

China and Russia outlook for 2017 – Business Insider

A broader perspective on the outlook for 2017. Trinidad’s energy economy will continue to decline as the US becomes energy independent as reported in the Times.

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