The Digital Age, 4th Industrial Revolution

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Billions can be saved

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The real benefit of digital is the fact that it can produce new processes which annihilates old, tardy, effort driven beaureaucracies. This spells danger for many, including organization’s who have invested in brick and mortar solutions, and the natural tendency is to perpetuate the existing for as long as possible in self preservation mode. But The tsunami of the Digital Age cannot be resisted because, for the first time in a very long time, efficiency can be redefined by real reduction in costs. 

Vendors in the supply chain will find themselves on the defensive, and that may bring out the best in them or the worst. The best will be defined by their embracing the change, and passing on savings, but heir worst will be defined by their resistance as their efforts are ramped up to lock the customer into old technology that hasn’t quite made the shift.

It requires a whole new mindset, but the resistance to change is strong, fueled by the need to maximize previous investments that didn’t quite see the approaching Avalanche.

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