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Behind the rise and fall of Blackberry

Reasearch in Motion, aka RIM, is a Canadian company that reached the top in its industry with its Blackberry systems.  However, RIM remained static in its research and rested on its laurels. Along came another (Apple) company that disrupted their then successful business model leaving RIM clueless and now almost obsolete.

Read on for a recap of their misadventures in staying current and relevant.   Don’t let your business be the next RIM.  Contact Augmented Business Digital Consultants for a free consultation on how we can help you stay relevant.

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Macro Economic Policies in Agriculture for Economic Growth

Trinidad and Tobago has reported a contraction of the economy by 5.2% in 2016. Sustainability in agriculture is now a matter of survivability.

This Lot in Brooklyn Shows What Uber Did to NYC More Clearly than Any Statistic | Motherboard

As a business owner you need to keep scanning your environment for competitors and not become complacent.  

Kodak sat idly by while the digital revolution took hold with cameras. Blockbuster was overstocked with physical stock that quickly went obsolete with the advent of higher internet speeds and movie streaming.
Always be on the lookout for the next killer app because it may make your business model obsolete.

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​This is what 11 hours a day in front of a screen is doing to your eyes. 

Technology might augment your life or your way of doing things.  But as with everything else should be used in moderation.

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