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There’s Always Hope : Falcon9 Heavy

Only he who has seen better days and lives to see better days again knows their full value.” – Notebook, 1902, Mark Twain.”

Every new new year is an expectation, for betterment in life in all aspects of this existence, physically and spiritually. I always find a tinge of excitement in the unknown, thinking about the future of this planet, living in a technology driven environment, attempting yet unknown adventures in career, personal growth development, doing all the good things benevolent to myself and others, living healthy and…wealthy. The anticipation never fails creating that excitement. Of course the unknown will present challenges but that adds to the intrigue of this notion of utopia created in my mind. Despite all the negatives in this world of dualities, it’s just a sense of anticipation and excitement fo the future that never fails at the start of the new year that is energizing and invigorating. There is always hope of good things happening.

Falcon 9 Heavy is a project to launch humankind to Mars. It is the development of a re-usable rocket to propel a craft into a trajectory to land on Mars, and colonize it.

The notion of man’s ability to space travel to Mars has long been a dream and inspirational vision, driving many an invention or innovation. The scale of thought needed demands far, far deep horizon strategic thinking to create this future. The resources to meet the requirement proceed way beyond even the unknown and the ability to fill enormous gaps in technology for travel, food and housing providing all that is required to survive in an unknown environment.

Falcon 9 Heavy is the representation of the fact that there are great opportunities for mankind, even if the world today is slowly descending into a nadir. Hope, it brings. Romanticism? Perhaps.

But the reality of massive amounts of waste generated right here in a finite world is a constant reminder, an existential threat to life itself on this planet, much less survive in deep space. The oceans are being polluted by all kinds of discards from human activity. Plastics, invade the oceans harming marine life and environment to such an extent where there are huge amalgams of floating plastic waste. Marine life ingest these substances with solely negative effects, killing off and threatening species of life critical to the food chain. In this chain, humans are a threat to themselves.

The downward spiral has reasonably led many to conclude that life on earth is limited in this continuum of a seemingly self-destructive path. Some persons honestly believe that life on Earth will become unsustainable.

Elon Musk is one who believes this to be true. Enter SpaceX and Falcon 9 Heavy.

Elon Musk is the quintessential entrepreneur who identifies the needs of people in the context of visionary leadership and innovations to help mankind. To be certain, he defines entrepreneurship in the true sense of Shumpeter, a solver of mankind’s problems, one who pushes the boundaries outwards.

From Testla to SpaceX, Musk has sought to create great alternatives and many opportunities. Musk seemingly endless determination to make the electric car a reality is hugely impressive as it evokes consternation from the traditional, fuel propelled car manufacturers.

Testla has endured tremendously and admirably. It still has to battle, to fight for its survival in the face of it rivals. It is doing a good job so far.

But being an entrepreneur of this ilk, also appear to contradict actually contributing to humankind’s benefit. Are Musk’s actions solving our problems, or simply exacerbating these?

The vast amounts of financial resources being made available to Musk, begs the question of whether tangible efforts could be pursued as alternatives to the problems which the globe now faces. Couldn’t the problems of plastic waste have been better served in finding sustainable alternatives in recycling and biodegradable products for packaging, for example?

The problem of plastics are many but traceable, intractably, to fossil exploitation on the planet. It is a petrochemical by-product of oil. That in itself can say a lot, but truly what it means is that we have the capacity to solve the planet’s issues, without having to leave this place. Resources can be made available to solve the planet’s environmental problems, if the effort is so directed. Recycling along with research and development to create new products that enhance the environment can be had, to great effect.

Looking inwards can provide us with a great deal of solutions. Solutions, while plentiful, are not easily implemented though, especially if these are counter to power structures. But that is not the issue, and certainly not mine’s to solve. Suffice it to say, there seems to be much emphasis being placed on things that are not pertinent.

Critical analysis of the facts emerge many arguments in the idea of life on another planet, and Falcon 9 Heavy. It is an exciting prospect for science and technology, and judging from the reaction of SpaceX employees, it’s more than just a job. They are into it, which gives them hope and prospects for a brighter future. It will be exciting and fulfilling to any young scientists or technologist to design and construct a spacecraft capable of reaching the outer limits, the final frontier as it were.

The sight of seeing re-usable rockets tanks smoothly landing without crashing is Trek-like in nature. It completely overwhelms and no wonder the employers erupted in sheer delight to see this beautiful landing. A sight to behold, really.

The fact that this project will cost huge amounts in fossil fuel cost, though, is cause for major concern. There is a supply of fuel from fossil on earth and that drives oil consumption, but is there a supply on Mars, and how will that be extracted, and if so, the problems we face here on earth will simply be transported, unless some form of sustainable, clean energy is found.

The problems of climate change and in particular, heating of the planet, is traceable to fossil fuel. Would not the resources being pumped into this venture be better used in the development of sustainable energy? Electric cars, fuel propelled rockets, all add to the demand for fossil fuels, leading to more environmental problems. Not many of us will be able to re-locate to Mars, and so it is a real issue for the masses of people who inhabit this place. In that, lies opportunities for devolving or regenerating a world that is capable of self healing, and that is the hope and opportunity for the new year.

The future lies in the developing of new, clean energy, driving technology, sustaining life in ways that are possible.

Falcon 9 Heavy, evokes new hope and opportunity for the vast majority of people seeking a better life.

2019, A Year of Hope!

A Happy & Healthy 2019 to All.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to All 🎈🎈🎈🎈 🌲 🌲 🌲 🌲

The Christmas season here in Trinidad & Tobago has always been a period for old friends to meet and share good wishes for the Holidays and the New Year. It’s no different this time around. It’s a time of camaraderie and happiness amongst Trinidadians, and there is positivity in the atmosphere. Of course, there are circumstances in which there will be a touch of sorrow or negative vibes and actions, but the overwhelming spirit of good feelings is more amongst the people. This is demonstrated by the fact that people of all races, backgrounds, religious and political, celebrate Christmas in vehement fashion.

It is wondrous to watch. Hindu homes join in with great energy to enjoy Christmas, with much love and appreciation for the special energy and times. On Christmas Day, it’s not uncommon to see groups of persons moving from house to house in their neighborhoods, bringing music and good feelings to those they visit. Families also congregate with most being of mixed religious backgrounds.

It’s a wondrous thing how we celebrate Christmas in Trinidad, easily a model for the rest of the world to follow.

So have a great Christmas, and a very good 2019, filled with great outcomes.

See you on the other side of 2018.!!! ❤️🎂🍧🎂🎂🍩🍦 Cheers!

The G20 Summit, Food Security and Climate Change.

More developed countries around the globe have achieved high levels of economic and social stability through a very deep commitment to progress, carefully building on their capacity and capability, prudent management of natural resources both human and environmental, understanding fully and completely their very survival depends on sustaining these resources.

The more advanced nations moved from agrarian sustenance, through the iterations of Industrial Revolutions by increasing capacity and capability in existing cores, innovation and invention to create new growth using blue ocean strategies to maintain their comparative advantages, not in any way deterred by the uncertainties of the future.

From sustenance agriculture, the inevitable interdependence of people required to survived in trade and commerce, developing internal capacity which later informed international trade. Agriculture, moved to greater heights of productivity, as more and more productive capacity became more and more critical to survival. Agriculture will always be the very existence of the human being in.generalized context, yet totally true to ensure living and life.

The G20 Summit 2018 in Buenos Aires, 30th November to 1st December 2018, and chaired by Argentina is a gathering of the Heads of State, Vice Presidents and President of the European Union (EU). It was the first summit held in South America, and was Chaired by the President of Argentina.

Argentina set three agenda priorities for the meeting :

1. The Future of Work

2. Infrastructure for Development

3. A Sustainable Food Future

The Argentina Presidency of the G20 outlined

the overview of Argentina’s G20 presidency, “food security is an important link in the process of achieving stability and peace. In no other case are security and development more evidently interlinked and mutually reinforced as in food. Meeting the dietary needs of future populations requires a sustainable way of increasing agricultural productivity. (…) Healthy, fertile and productive soils are necessary for food security and human health, and their preservation is crucial for sustainable development and life on our planet.”

Food Security, is one of the main concerns of global leaders. It is a recognized fact that the security of nations depends on the production of food, and not just nations, but the entire globe.

It is puzzling that the global issue of climate change is not a priority agenda, on its own.

The recently elected Congress of the United States is presently being bombarded by young people who are lobbying recently elected Democrats to ensure climate change is placed high on the agenda of Congress. This is being championed by a young Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, who refers to herself as a Democrat Socialist.

The problem of climate change is a global threat and it must be solved because it threatens the very survival of the plant. Such a global challenge must be met with a concerted effort of business, society and government in the largest possible scale.

All the people of this world are threatened.. it is no longer a concern.

It is an existential threat.

It is therefore even more of a problem especially since the world’s only superpower has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement.

This global problem means nobody is safe and cannot be tackled ostentatiously through the rhetorical and limited channel of Food Security. Flood, Fires and Hurricanes increase in strength as the planet’s atmosphere heats up. The destructive forces cause billions of dollars in damage and loss, money that could be better spent in reducing the effects of climate change. It seems the pragmatic thing to do is reduce cost in a sustainable way rather than destroy it.

A Matter of Urgency.

Between October 21st and October 28th 2018, there were six (6) earthquakes in the near vicinity of Trinidad and Tobago! Of these, four (4) occurred in the Gulf of Paris, west of Trinidad. One occurred north-west of Trinidad, and the other occurred off the north eastern tip of Tobago. On the weekend of 20th – 21st October,2018, Trinidad experienced the worst flooding in history, with rural areas such as Kelly Village, St. Helena, Warrenville, Las Lomas, Sangre Grande, La Horquetta, Talparo, El Carmen and Manzanilla. Across the country, east to west was under water. At the time of writing, today, Wednesday 31st., October, 2018, the UWI Seismic Research Centre reported a 4.4 West of Trinidad. That will be seven (7) earthquakes between October 21st and October 31st 2018.

These earthquakes, all around the 4.4 mark, followed the 7.0 earthquake in August 21st 2018.

If anything, there is a need for a more, very serious view of disaster preparedness, management and mitigation, and the above statistics point to a very grave need.

Climate Change is real. The heating of the planet is causing tremendous increases in naturally occurring hurricanes, storms, rainfall, earthquake etc. The increase in populations worldwide, makes these weather phenomena much more lethal and fatal.

Surface temperatures of the oceans have increased as a result, and for the Caribbean, this spells “trouble.” The rising sea levels, the warming of oceans means more fertile conditions are present for the formation of hurricanes, storms and more rainfall, and more flooding as the environment itself becomes more degraded due to human habitation. Disasters in the Caribbean will occur, it is only a matter of scale, as the magnitude and frequency of these are ever increasing.

The flood in Trinidad during and after the weekend of 21st October was a horrifying event. It rained for three (3) days prior and heavier in some locales. The rain was forecasted by the Met office. Yet still, people and animals and things were left marooned by flood waters which came in swiftly. Search and rescue of people who simply were seeking to escape the flood waters and save their lives became the only thought in the minds.

The picture of one family trapped on their house roof was a startling realization of the severity of the flooding.

Highways and roads were impassable. One half of the island was cut off from the other. The country was virtually standstill.

Many volunteers, using makeshift crafts, and many just using their physical power, began responding to their loved ones and neighbors. It was a remarkable display of caring and compassion by ordinary folk. One off-duty policeman in Greenvale told Social Media how he just started knocking on doors and pulling out people. Other pictures showed young men rescuing elderly persons, or trapped and marooned person.

People started organizing themselves into groups to deliver much needed food, clothes and other necessities to the affected people. It was a reminder that we share a common destiny, as a country and as a nation of diverse cultures and traditions. It took a disaster to bring the country together because there was this urgent and overwhelming need to survive, to serve and to support.

This unbelievable display of camaraderie and compassion offers much as opposed to the startling revelations of the outright obscene demonstrations of the worst of our society on Social Media. This provides a challenge to us as a civil society, but these are the actions of the few.

There is undeniable proof of a nation wanting better, nestled deep within the psyche of Trinis, including the diaspora.

I recall the events of November 19th 1989, when T&T lost that match against the US. The camaraderie then was overwhelming, but T&T moved on, and did qualify for the 2006 World Cup.

Perhaps there is a message of hope that can be drawn on, to compel a nation to get up, dust itself off, and march on, relentlessly in search of Excellence.

That effort, by all, requires firm positive will to change, in the context of climate change, for the interest of the vast amount of Trinidadians who wish to progress this nation into a new model.


Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am unable to publish this month’s blog. I look forward to resuming soon! Thank you for your patience and you are welcomed to visit past blogs which I’m sure you will find very interesting and extensive!

What Blockchain Can’t Do

“Blockchain technology has the potential to do amazing things. It can provide an immutable, digital audit trail of transactions, and can be used to cheaply verify the integrity of data. It can help businesses and individuals agree, on a global scale, about the true state of affairs within a market without relying on a costly intermediary.”

It is also not all encompassing. Read more in this HBR article on its limitations.

Earthquake : Opportunity and Growth

Tuesday 22nd August, 2018 is going to live in my memory forever. It was, to me, the most threatening shake up I have ever witnessed in my lifetime so far. As much as I can recall, I heard the creaking of a the school building next door. The building is large, and I could see the light poles shaking as the ground underneath moved. I had decided that the best place was outside in the back yard, a clear space. Really, I’m not going to stay inside to be trapped or hit by falling concrete or roof. I really felt my chances for survival was outside, so I grabbed my dad, old as he is, and literally pulled him out of the house. At the end of it he was quite shaken, and once I realized what we been through, I sort of got numbed.

Earthquake, unpredictable, sudden, frightening and massively powerful. A force that nothing can compare to. It is it’s own category.

The experience to live through that sort of ordeal, is simply mind-boggling. I could just imagine the chaos people would have experienced in their minds, not really knowing what to do, no matter if one was knowledgeable about survival tactics or not.

But the majority of people would have been caught somewhere away from home as it was a working day, early evening, when the commute back home would have started. Children would have been on vacation, at home, some supervised, some not. I wonder how they would have coped with this traumatic event.

As it was, the country didn’t suffer much physical damage, with a few buildings with glass windows being shattered. But generally speaking, Trinidad escaped with very little damage. Really, it could have been much, much worst.

Other countries had similar strength earthquakes with many, many times more damage and loss of life. The infrastructure, water and electricity remained intact.

But suppose the damage was much worse, as in other countries, with tremendous loss of life. What would have been the response, the reaction, the restoration and eventual return to some levels of comfort and normalcy.

Were the first responder ready, and do they have a plan?

Would the healthcare system been able to cope? What about the Fire Services, Law and order, food availability, etc.?

To date, almost two weeks ago since the earthquake, I have neither heard or seen any attempt by the first responders to sensitize the public as to how they will go about restoring services for citizens. This is important because people will need to plan and equip themselves adequately for the period of time between the event and the restoration of comfort and normalcy. People need to make or have their own disaster preparedness plan to survive and that will be influenced and enhanced greatly if the authorities can articulate a proper disaster recovery plan, themselves.

As a professional, it was always within my purview to engage in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning so that the Business survives, recovers and resumes normalcy with a very specific period of time so as to ensure that resources were budgeted and in place to activate the plan.

In today’s world, where data reigns supreme, I wonder how many businesses have engaged in disaster recovery and business continuity planning and execution.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are roadmaps for dealing with eventualities and must take the form of a 360 degree approach, and not just the financial aspect. The various components of the Balanced Scorecard can be superimposed on the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning to ensure the bases are covered around from stakeholders to assets, to finances to health and safety, to construction and restoration of utilities just to name a few.

The events of the afternoon of Tuesday 22nd August 2018, is not just a wake up call, it’s an opportunity to take strategic planning to another level.

…and it’s time to step up!

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